Welcome to Society of Nepalese Students in Korea (SONSIK)

The Society of Nepalese Students in Korea (SONSIK), a nonprofit organization, is the sole and registered student organization of Nepali students, academicians and intellectuals in the Republic of Korea. The Society was established in 2004 and was legally registered under the local Administration Office of Republic of Korea in 2015, with an objective to promote academic, professional and other mutual interests through a wider, regular and more frequent exchange of ideas and views among the Nepali students studying in different academic institutions throughout South Korea.

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Message from the President

Respected all,                                                                                    


I want to express my sincere gratitude towards all of you who have trusted me and my abilities to be a president of Society of Nepalese Students in Korea (SONSIK) – an umbrella organization established with the foremost aim of conducting activities that are directly or indirectly associated with the benefit and welfare of students living all over Korea. I am deeply humbled to welcome you all and an indeed a privilege to be serving as a president of SONSIK. This year marks the time in which we continue the journey for a much more fulfilling student experience with great fervor and alacrity.


I strongly believe in a team work. I started learning how important a single individual could be to build a strong team since from the day I came to knew how the small drop of water collects and converts into a huge ocean via small rivers and streams. I am nothing as a single individual but I am SONSIK with the combination of you people. We will continue to seek out your ideas, suggestions, and recommendations, as my team is always here to listen and extend a helping hand. Together we can and we should.

Another important thing is about knowledge. I believe and feel that knowledge is more about what we face than what we read. Everything that I have faced in these 4 years during my stay in Korea has made me more stronger about dealing with the situation.

I am very much confident that the hard working and experienced team of SONSIK is as strong as a ocean and we can do much more with the support and enthusiasm of all of you.


Let’s always remember, our time, our unity, our experience, our knowledge and take SONSIK on new height.  


Sincerely Yours,

Prakash Devkota,


16th Executive Committee, SONSIK

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