Mind Training for Emotional Wellbeing

Society Of Nepalese Students in Korea (SONSIK) with support from the Embassy of Nepal in Korea, NRNA Korea, WUNC, BMG Academy, and Nayadainiki News, organized an event on “Mind Training for Emotional Wellbeing” on 5th of December 2020.

This event was introduced in an attempt to address the science of emotions. It is a very common yet rarely discussed topic. As we are taught to hide and be ashamed of our own emotions. As it comes to the globalization era of today. Leaving our culture and traditions and adjusting and exploring the new one can sometimes bring drastic changes in our thinkings and feelings. Hence this program was introduced to address and overcome those necessities.

Mr. Mausham Ratna Shakya an inquisitive practitioner, a coach, specifically focused on mindfulness for more than 20 years in the Himalayan tradition conducted the program. President of Sonsik Mr. Rajaram Shrestha, Acting Ambassador from the Nepalese embassy in Korea Mr. Ram Singha Thapa, Labour Councillor from Nepal Embassy in Korea Miss. Rama Bhattarai, President of NRNA Korea Mr. Yagya Raj Subedi, President of WUNC Mr. Tonking Bastola, Former presidents of Sonsik Dr. Taraman Kadayat, Dr. Aarajana Shrestha, Dr. Tulsi Poudel, and Er. Prakash Devkota were among the guests’ attendees who actively participated in the program. The program was moderated by the SONSIK Executive Member Mr. Pramod Bahadur KC and technical support by SONSIK Secretary Mr. Tonking Bastola.

The mechanism of the formation of emotions and identifying the root from which it develops were phenomenally explained during the program. We also explored the nature of stress and anxiety through the lens of thought and emotion. A little bit of thoughtfulness on emotions can reflect and help identify their origin and makes it easy to channelize. Well-being is a skill. A pause for different perspectives for the same situation and similar stimulations can make drastic changes in coping mechanisms. Exercises to let lighten up hard feelings and cope up with transitions were demonstrated during the program. President of SONSIK Mr. Rajaram Shrestha concluded that the exercises and thoughtful awareness that we learned from the session might be of great help if practiced and implemented in daily life routines.

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGBOGBbs54g&t=11s

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