Introduction and Interaction Program between SONSIK and NRNA Korea

NRNA Korea was established to unite and bind the Nepali Diaspora under a single umbrella in 2003. Similarly, SONSIK was found to act as a common forum for all Nepali students to exchange views and promote cooperation among the members. These two organizations have served as the bridge among Nepalese to promote Nepali culture and act as a common forum in this foreign land.
To have long-term mutual understanding and support each other in the future, SONSIK is going to organize an introductory and interaction program between SONSIK and NRNA Korea. These programs focus on introducing each other and update their recent activities.

Target Audience: Nepalese around the world
The program will be live on the SONSIK Facebook page and zoom meeting on Sunday, October 13th, at 9:30 PM KST (6:15 PM NST).
Zoom Meeting on
ZOOM ID: 732-761-3472
For more detailed information, please contact to following persons.
Contact email:

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