As per the constitution of the society all Nepali students in Korea are members of the Society. However the Society has classified Regular, Affiliated and Honorary memberships.

Regular Membership

Nepali students who have registered to the society by paying the membership fees (10,000KRW/year) and have provided their profiles are Regular Members. Regular membership is open to all the university level (undergraduate, graduate courses, vocational studies, Korean language study, and research) Nepali students in Korea who actively participate in the entire activities of SONSIK and push forward ideas that are in accordance with the objectives of the Society. The regular members are the only members having a voting right in SONSIK and are eligible for a position in the Executive Committee. For online registration Click Here.

Affiliated Membership

Nepali individual who is currently affiliated to an educational and research institute in Korea and does not belong to the Regular Membership category are the Society’s Affiliated Members. A regular member who ceases to be a member automatically becomes the Society’s Affiliated member. An affiliated member may enjoy all the privileges and benefits as a Regular Member of the Society, but does not have a voting right nor hold any office in the Society. These members can participate in an advisory role to the Society’s activities. For online registration Click Here.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership title may be conferred to any person whom the Executive Committee feels appropriate on the grounds of the individual’s academic achievements and meritorious services to Nepal.
Membership due payment process
After sending your profile information via Online Registration, wire 10,000KRW registration fee to the following bank account number: WOORI BANK A/c : 1005-302-753564 SONSIK . You can also send us your profile information via or

[testimonial name=”Sample Profile”]
Name: Mina Lee
University: Seoul National University
Date of Enrollment: March 2004
Studying in (Level): PhD
Department: Department of Civil Engineering
Major: Civil Engineering
Phone No: (HP): +82-10-1238-4567
Address in Nepal: Kathmandu-2, Nepal

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