Message From President

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have genuinely supported and pushed me to take up such an honorable post, the president of the Society of Nepalese Students in Korea (SONSIK). Being a social activist, I have always been active in many social and academic organizations in my hometown, Nepal trying to volunteer and assist people. After coming to Korea, SONSIK was another organization I had been striving for where I could contribute something to the Nepalese student community. Being a part of SONSIK since 2018 has been a great way to contribute and learn. It is like becoming a member of a family here in this foreign land where everyone is working together as a team for the benefit and welfare of the Nepalese students in Korea.

I am extremely grateful to all the past presidents and executive members of SONSIK who have led this organization to where it is today. Their commitment to this organization has inspired me and as I endeavor to head this organization, I am joined by my fellow executive committee members. I am humbled and thankful to the Embassy of Nepal, Korea, organizations, media partners, and sponsorers supporting us morally and financially. With their continued support and suggestions from both Nepalese and Korean advisors, I am confident we will be steadfast in fulfilling all the responsibilities and addressing all the challenges to make SONSIK more active and better in the coming days.

Today, the entire world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected families, communities, businesses, and our daily lives. However, during this difficult situation, we must stay united and fight against the coronavirus by practicing social distancing and strictly following the proper health care measures and directives as implemented by the host government to prevent the spread of the virus.

Let’s stay united and participate for the good cause, help and support each other, and make SONSIK better together.

Sincerely Yours,
Rajaram Shrestha
17th Executive Committee, SONSIK

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