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New Student Orientation & Workshop

An Effort to Introduce Challenges and Opportunities in Korea

We, SONSIK 13th Executive committee is organizing ‘SONSIK-New Students Orientation Program’ in the four different regions. The main objective is to ‘introduce SONSIK activities’ and to share information regarding ‘Challenges and Opportunities for Nepali students in Korea’ in following date and venue. If you are a new student or you know any new Nepali student in Korea, please do help us by filling up this form.

Tentative program Schedule:sonsik
-SONSIK Activities and Your Role in Society (By SONSIK Regional Vice President)
-Challenges and Opportunities for Nepali students in Korea (By Advisor SONSIK 13th EC)
-Lunch with New Students
-University Tour

Date:- September 10, 11, and 18, 2016 (3 h)
Venue: University in SEOUL , Sun Moon University, Chosun University and Yeungnam University for each SONSIK region respectively

Contact for More Detail :
For SONSIK Region-1 (Seoul, Gyeonggi-do/ Gangwon-do Vice President):- Nirmal Prasad Bhatta (010-3321-9801)
For SONSIK Region-2 (Chungcheon buk-do/nam-do Vice President):- Jeevan Kumar Ban (010-5961-5098)
For SONSIK Region-3 (Jeolla buk-do/nam-do, Jeju-do Vice President):- Debesh Jha (010-9943-6631)
For SONSIK Region-4 (Gyeongsang buk-do/nam-do Vice President):- Sujita Karki (010-9570-0619)

Or you can directly contact to SONSIK President Aarajana Shrestha (010-9041-5698) or Secretary Keshav Thapa (010-5854-6460).

Note: All personal information will remain confidential and will be used solely for the official purpose.

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