SONSIK 8th Educational Seminar- Virtual Conference

SONSIK 8th Educational Seminar- Virtual Conference
“Sharing Experience, Knowledge and Challenges among the Nepalese Scholars around the Globe”
Organized by:Society of Nepalese Students in Korea (SONSIK), South Korea
13th-14th March, 2021

Introduction of the Educational seminar
The Society of Nepalese Students in Korea (SONSIK), being the sole community of the Nepalese students and academicians in Korea, is working continuously for the promotion of Nepalese students studying in South Korea with different academic, leadership development, social networking, educational seminars, and refreshment programs. SONSIK has it’s own annual basis formal structural executive body to manage indented plans. Educational seminar is one of the major programs organizing by SONSIK every year. This would be our eighth Educational seminar, whereas previous Seminars were conducted as listed below:
2012- SONSIK 1st Educational Seminar “Learning, Sharing and Demonstrating Scientific Knowledge/skills by Nepalese Students in Korea”- Embassy of Nepal, Seoul, South Korea
2013- SONSIK 2nd Educational Seminar on “Learning, Sharing and Demonstrating Scientific Knowledge by Nepali Students in Korea” – Wonkwang University
2014- SONSIK 3rd Educational Seminar on “Knowledge and Skill for my Nation”- Sun Moon University
2016- SONSIK 4th Educational Seminar on “Energy, Tourism and Students welfare”- Chungnam National University
2017-SONSIK 5th Educational Seminar on “Research in Science, Engineering and Technology” Chosun University Gwangju
2018 Feb-SONSIK 6th Educational Seminar on Implementation of Learning and Research in Korea and Opportunities for Nepalese Scholar”- Wonkwang University
2018 Dec- SONSIK 7th Educational Seminar on “Exploring Role of Nepalese Diaspora in Korea for the Research and development in Nepal”- Wonkwang University
2020- SONSIK 8th Educational Seminar on “A Journey into the academia: Exploring contemporary research trends across disciplines” – Yeungnam University (Canceled Due to COVID 19).
Due to this current COVID19 Pandemic, this SONSIK 8th Educational Seminar on “Sharing Experience, Knowledge and Challenges among the Nepalese Scholars around the Globe” will be conducted online Via Zoom and Facebook Live to ensure the safety of individual participants.

Importance of Conducting the Program “Educational Seminar”
Every year Nepalese student’s graduate from South Korean universities and in the meantime, they also get admission at different universities throughout the globe. Many students are actively engaged in high-profile research activities and able to disseminate their findings in world’s top-tier academic journals. Other students are interested to learn and are interested to discuss on the research and academic activities. This educational seminar will provide an avenue where a selected group of Nepalese scholars from different sector around the globe, will present their experiences, strategy to cope with pandemic COVID19 and latest research accompanying with discussions. This seminar will act as the bridge to connect research activities being done in different fields and an opportunity for students to collaborate with other students of the mutual interest field. SONSIK will provide a platform on these activities.

Objectives of the Program
-Sharing the collective educational learning experiences from different universities by Nepalese students, scholars and professors around the globe.
-Bringing together seminar participants from different disciplines which helps to develop networking among them.
-Exploring new research trends from a range of academic/research disciplines nowadays.
-Providing good platform for exposure/learning to new undergraduate, master and PhD students.
-Sharing experiences by academician before and after the pandemic COVID19

Program overview and deadlines:
Two Days online Event- 13th and 14th March, 2021

Theme of Day 1 “Career growth and Experience Sharing among the Nepalese Scholars around the globe”
Invited Speaker: Master and PhD scholar around the globe, Postdoctoral Researcher, University Professors, mainly from Nepal, Korea and other countries will give the presentation along with the presentation of Keynote speaker and Special guest speaker.

Theme of Day 2 “Current scenario of Research trends in different disciplines”
The seminar will focus on the impact of COVID-19 on research and also will discuss the implementation possibility in Nepal.
The Presentation session is divided into different sessions:
-Engineering and AI;
-Natural Science;
-Applied Sciences and Biotechnology;
-Health and Allied Medical science;
-Agriculture, Forestry, Food, Green Energy and Ecology;
-Social Science and Management Studies

Last date for abstract submission: 24th February,2021
Guidelines and template for abstract, papers, and poster presentation can be found on the following link:

Abstract/poster presentation guidelines: Abstract Template Download

Poster presentation: Poster Template

Rajaram Shrestha: President, 01051948286
Om Raj Sapkota: Vice-President (region-1), 01098186990
Tonking Bastola: Program Coordinator/Secretary, 01059156357
Charu Bista: Treasurer, 01093941417
Ravi Ghimire: Member, 01080349221
Manish Pandey: Member, 01021997965

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