SONSIK Dashain Program – 2020

SONSIK successfully conducted “SONSIK Dashain program-2020” on the 24th and 25th of October, 2020 in Daewonsa temple and Universal Cultural Center, Gwangju where Nepalese students from all over South Korea along with Korean and Nepalese supporters and well-wishers of the association came together and exchanged their greetings for the festival “Vijaya Dashami” which is celebrated for the victory over all evils. The program started with the registration of the participants in the Universal Cultural Center rest house, Gwangju, and then all the participants were taken to the program venue, the Daewonsa temple. The first day was filled with fun and laughter where the participants enjoyed fun-filled games and scrumptious Nepali cuisine prepared by our enthusiastic SONSIK team. The team had organized three games: Musical Chair, Hide the Handkerchief, and Blind Hit Pot break game which is some of the typical Nepali games which most of the Nepalese have played while growing up since their childhood. The winners of the games were Dr. Roshan Sharma in Musical Chair, Mr. Samundra Tiwari in Hide the Handkerchief, Mrs. Pragati Manandhar, and Er. Prakash Devkota in Blind Hit Pot Break game. The winners were awarded gifts provided by GIST, through the SONSIK president Mr. Rajaram Shrestha. Also, all the participants were gifted with a T-shirt.


After that, there was a small program at night to celebrate and exchange greetings for the festival which was hosted by the secretary of SONSIK Mr. Tonking Bastola. First of all, the program started with distributing token of love by SONSIK advisors Dr. Indira Tiwari, and Er. Prakash Devkota to Huyn Jang 스님, Mr. Mukul Basu, and to the Nepalese in Daewonsa Temple Mr. Pema lama and Mrs. Dolma Wangmo. With the talented teams and well-coordinated volunteers, the program was successful to become one of the memorable experiences and an enjoyable way to celebrate the festival with all the melodious Nepali songs and energetic dance performances. After the program, the day ended with a very warm and lively session of singing and dancing around the campfire.

The second day of the program started with a calm and peaceful session of medication and yoga which really filled our participants with positive energy. After breakfast, the participants visited the Tibetan museum, and then they had lunch. After all the fun and enjoyment, the team finally left the temple and reached Universal Cultural Centre (UCC), Gwangju. Finally, the program officially ended after a short yet very meaningful meeting with our advisor Mrs. Young Soon Koh (Laxmi didi). The SONSIK family would like to express our warm gratitude and are thankful to all our advisors, seniors, and participants who contributed to making the program successful.

Special thanks to Huyn Jang 스님 for providing us with the program venue i.e. Daewonsa Temple, advisor of SONSIK Dr. Mukul Basu for instructing yoga and meditation, Gwangju International Center(GIC), UCC and Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology(GIST) for the support, advisor of SONSIK Mrs. Young Soon Koh (Laxmi didi) for providing transportation facilities within Gwangju and to the Nepalese in Daewonsa Temple, Mr. Pema lama and Mrs. Dolma Wangmo for their great effort and support throughout the program.

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